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How to Be Mindful When Life is in Flux

Uncertainty doesn't need to create more anxiety. Here's how we can embrace change and a meditation practice for becoming more skillful with relaxing into the ride.   By Ed Halliwell | January 10, 2017 “If you let go completely, you will be completely happy.” Stress reduction, helping with depression, coping with illness and adversity, improved relational skills, and an ability to make better, less bias-prone

How to Be Mindful When Life is in Flux2017-04-01T21:57:55+00:00

The Difference Between “Being” and “Doing”

  In "being "mode, the mind has “nothing to do, nowhere to go” and can focus fully on moment-by-moment experience, allowing us to be fully present and aware of whatever is here, right now. How our goal-setting mind causes us to fixate on one track, and how we can become more responsive to the richness and complexity that each moment presents. By Zindel Segal |

The Difference Between “Being” and “Doing”2017-04-01T20:28:38+00:00

How do you define leadership?

Clarity, focus, creativity, and compassion: these are the fundamentals of mindful leadership. In this plainspoken, accessible guide, Janice Marturano, explains how to integrate the practice of mindfulness meditation with effective techniques of management and mentorship. Note: Let me begin by telling you that what I am sharing in this article comes from my experience as a leader. I am not a researcher or a coach or

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Embracing Our Common Humanity With Self-Compassion

One of the most important elements of self-compassion is the recognition of our shared humanity. Compassion is, by definition, relational. Compassion literally means “to suffer with,” which implies a basic mutuality in the experience of suffering. The emotion of compassion springs from the recognition that the human experience is imperfect, that we are all fallible. Why else would we say “it’s only human” to comfort

Embracing Our Common Humanity With Self-Compassion2017-04-01T22:11:20+00:00