What is MBCL?

The Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living (MBCL) programme was developed in the Netherlands by Frits Koster and Erik van den Brink. It is an 8 week mindfulness-based programme that supports the development and training of compassion to enhance mental and physical health. The MBCL course supports the cultivation of a friendly and compassionate attitude toward oneself and others. Furthermore, the exercises help to experience key aspects of emotional well-being including warmth, security, acceptance and connectedness with oneself and others. During the course, individuals are introduced to some of the background information underlying compassion training, as well as the ways in which it can be anchored in everyday life. This program is particularly suitable for those who find mindfulness practice beneficial but have difficulty integrating it into their daily lives and develop a kind and compassionate attitude towards themselves.

Overview of the MBCL course:

  • Three emotion regulation systems
  • Stress reactions and self-compassion
  • Inner patterns
  • The compassion mode
  • Self and others
  • Happiness for all
  • Compassion in daily life
  • The healing power of compassion