Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) involves cultivating a different relationship between you and the things that challenge you in your life.

Based on the work of John Kabat-Zinn, this MBSR program is taught at major universities, hospitals and corporates. Participants learn lifelong tools to increase health and harmony in daily living, even in the midst of stress, pain and illness. The MBSR class combines mindfulness meditations, gentle yoga and group discussion in a supportive environment, empowering participants to actively manage their own health and wellness.

 Learning and benefits

Those completing these programs consistently demonstrate long-lasting improvements such as:

  • Improved health-related quality of life
  • Improved emotion regulation, reduced anxiety & depression, enhanced self-esteem
  • Reduced chronic pain and physical distress
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Improved attention skills and learning abilities

Overview of the MBSR course:

  • Being Awake – Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Ways of Seeing – How we perceive our world
  • Being at Home in One’s Own Body
  • Stress and Mindfulness
  • Thoughts are Not Facts
  • Welcoming Emotions
  • Mindful Communication
  • Taking Care of Oneself
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