What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the quality of attention we bring to the events in our lives. It is the process of bringing our awareness to what we are doing at the time we are doing it. It is purposely being engaged in our actions, feelings, physical sensations, and thoughts.

Who can benefit from this program?

People who want to improve the quality of their life, people who want to know how to manage their stress or emotional imbalances, and people with various physical conditions.

Do I have to share private information with the class?

No. Participants determine for themselves what information they choose to share with the group. However, it is a very trustful and supportive environment that encourages you to open up and share your feelings and experience. All information shared is confidential.

Do I need to have any meditation experience?

No. Experience with meditation is not necessary. All meditations are guided.

How long does a class last?

Each class lasts between 2 to 2.5 hours. The retreat day lasts 5-6 hours.

What should I bring to the course?

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring a notepad and pencil/pen
  • Bring an attitude of curiosity and commitment to caring for yourself

Are there religious / Buddhist aspects to mindfulness meditation?

No. The practices and techniques are designed to be neutral and secular.  Mindfulness is currently widely practiced outside the structure of any religion.