Mindfulness is the quality of attention we bring to the events in our lives. It is the process of bringing our awareness to what we are doing at the time we are doing it. It is purposely being engaged in our actions, feelings, physical sensations, and thoughts.

It is open to ALL – anybody can practice mindfulness. People who practice mindfulness discover a natural state of mind in which they are focused, present and aware. They have greater emotional regulation and an increased ability to adopt different perspectives.

There’s a considerable body of research that speaks of the effectiveness of mindfulness in a wide variety of contexts.

It is

a practice to train the mind, and a state of mind, characterized by increased awareness, curiosity, and openness.

It helps

us to develop an ability to stay focused on the task without our minds drifting away with thoughts about the past or the future. This is called ‘staying in the present moment’.

It teaches

us how to pay attention to those details of life that would often go unnoticed and helps us realize that our (working) lives are often much richer and more interesting than we thought.

It gives

 us the ability to find calm in the stressful or emotionally challenging situations.